Sue Painter founded The Confident Marketer for solo professionals and other self employed business owners who have a burning desire to create financially successful work that aligns with their own inner vision. Often called a marketing wizard by her clients and the audiences she speaks to, Sue is a serial entrepreneur who has built two of her own businesses, making both of them profitable from year one. In fact, in her third year as the owner of the Touch Therapy Center, Sue’s own book was filled a year in advance. That business is now 13 years old and still going strong, even though the majority of Sue’s time is now spent with The Confident Marketer. Through her work at the Touch Therapy Center, Sue was named one of Knoxville’s 10 Top Women of Wellness by Natural Alternatives Magazine.
Sue knows that inner desire that sometimes hits, the one about leaving the safety of working for someone else and going out on your own. She did just that when she left an executive position in the late 1990’s, after having built up a internationally awarded program at Oak Ridge Associated Universities from a staff of 7 to 52. The call to work with solo business owners using her hands-on, intuitive, and step-by-step system was too strong to ignore. Stepping out on her own took courage and a willingness to put her financial security on the line. Sue’s done that , knows the path, and can guide others down it successfully.
To be financially successful, a solo professional has to grow both personally and in business skills. Sue is a master at helping others find and shift their limiting beliefs. Suzanne Falter-Barns was the first person to call Sue a “marketing therapist” and the title has stuck. In fact, in as little as 60 minutes, Sue can identify the core issues that keep you from moving forward.
Sue Painter has expertise, training, experience, and a strong intuitive sense that makes her both wise and committed to her clients. She has identified niche markets and profitably met those markets for over twenty years. She is a former contributing writer for Massage Magazine, where she specialized in writing about practice building and marketing. As the previous Business Editor of Tradebank International’s monthly member newsletter, she has published dozens of articles focused on marketing, networking, and customer service.
Sue believes strongly that you must do your own inner and outer work if you coach others. She has personally studied with renowned business leaders Ali Brown, James Roche, David Neagle, Fabienne Fredrickson, Bill Cantrell, Suzanne Falter-Barnes, Lisa Sasevich, Kevin Nations, and Michael Port. She has done her inner work with many internationally known spiritual leaders including Ram Dass, Krishna Dass, Susan Thesenga, Jacqueline Small, Christine Page, and Carolyn Myss.
Sue’s affiliations and work includes:
Certified Book Yourself Solid coach and a professor in Michael Port’s Booked Solid University
Expert author for Ezinearticles.com
Expert at Solo-E.com
Expert at SelfGrowth.com
Member of Ali Brown’s Millionaire Protégé Mastermind Group and one of Ali’s Platinum Mastermind Leaders
American Marketing Association
Licensed in bodywork and certified in Reiki
Sue’s business experience, combined with her keen insight, keeps her clients close to their vision, confident in their actions, and motivated to succeed.
A lifelong learner, Sue holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s from Auburn University, and worked toward a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado. For more than fifteen years, she has developed her personal life with meditation and consistent spiritual practice. Sue is an avid traveler, starting her adventures while in high school as an exchange student to Colombia. Her time spent in other cultures often sparks new ideas for her own business and for her clients. She is married to Bill Painter and currently lives on a lake outside Knoxville, Tennessee.